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We have private single rooms, twin rooms, and triple rooms. You can either book a room privately for yourself, share a private room with a friend or two, or share a room with others on the same retreat.

Single rooms available on all retreats. Also, on some retreats accommodation may be shared with other attendees. If you're not used to this, don't worry! This is part of the retreat experience and helps to create a large family atmosphere. Also, you won't be spending so much time in your room anyhow - the retreat is so packed with events, exotic experiences and friendly interactions, that you hit the pillow tired at night, and then the next morning you jump out of bed and are out walking or jogging through the countrside by the shores of Upper Lough Erne, hearing the morning chorus of the birds.  

Each room has a private bathroom, tables and chairs, and is complete with beddings and towels. 

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