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Radhadesh Yoga Retreats


Join us for a relaxing weekend at the Radhadesh Retreat centre.


Enjoy the fresh air of the Ardennes and the peaceful atmosphere of the spiritual community of Radhadesh. 

Balance your mind and body with a spiritually infused Yoga retreat. 



We offer retreats that not only re-energise the body, but also the mind. Here we encourage spiritual awakening with inspiring activities to connect a little deeper to yourself and to nature. 

Along side daily Hatha Yoga, we offer seminars on Mantra therapy, Chanting, Guided Meditation, Creative exploration, Nature and mindfulness, Feminine and divinity, Pranayama, Life coaching and Bhakti Yoga immersion. 

You are most welcome to attend a retreat, or just visit on your own schedule. 

See our retreat schedule here >>>

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