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CHITTA SHUDDHI Meditation retreat

3-days retreat on spiritual cleansing of the subconscious mind based on ancient yoga techniques.

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CHITTA SHUDDHI Meditation retreat

Time & Location

24 Sept, 18:00 – 26 Sept, 18:00

Septon-Durbuy, Château de Petite Somme, Petite Somme 5, 6940 Septon-Durbuy, Belgium

About The Event

The program The program consists of  various workshops on the following themes: Introduction to spiritual cleansing of the subconscious mind based on ancestral yoga techniques Initiation to pranayama: the art of mastery of the breath Introduction to Ayurveda: food and lifestyle according to our doshas Guided meditations Sonic mantra meditations. Establishment of a daily spiritual routine for lasting physical, emotional and spiritual balance​These workshops offer us various tools that will direct us to our Dharma or the deep and unique purpose of our existence through a pilgrimage to our heart.This retreat will allow us to develop meaningful, honest and deep, heart-to-heart relationships with the other participants, and will lead us towards an experience of life in a spiritual community.We will learn techniques prescribed by the texts of yoga, to put in place daily, to cope with stress and burnout.The fee 300 € per person​The retreat begins at 9 am on Friday and ends at 7 pm on Sunday.The rate includes 2 nights at the retreat center, as well as delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals.It is possible to arrive on Thursday and / or leave on Monday at the rates of the retreat center.To register or for any information, please contact us at:

The retreat The Chitta is the reservoir of our memories and memories are often buried in the subconscious. Thus chitta is a foundation on which the mind functions.The Chitta is not a simple passive repository of memories, unresolved emotions or traumas because it actively influences our perception at every moment and it controls our reactions.  This mind complex keeps us away from our pure consciousness and clouds our existence.  This technique of Chitta Shuddhi allows us to observe and understand how our perception of new impressions gives rise to instinctive or primitive impulses which create various emotional states.Chitta Shuddhi, is a process of purification of our consciousness. It allows us to free our hearts from the mental constraints imposed on us by past traumas etc. Thus we can move forward freely in our lives.This spiritual retreat will be animated by Vedasara das, during his exceptional visit to Belgium.  Vedasara invites us on a pilgrimage to our heart and will share with us the practices and tools necessary to achieve a true and lasting balance.  A balance that we will experience and anchor during these three days of the retreat.

Vedasara das Doctor (MD) in Ashtanga YogaVedasara das was born in India near the Himalayas.He received a rigorous monastic education from age 5 in a temple, he then became the head of the monastery and trained more than 7500 novices.​He is currently active in the United States where he teaches yoga based on the millennial vedic wisdom.He is the founder of the Mindful Servant Institute (MSI) organization, which is entirely dedicated to promote mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.Vedasara has created and supported 15 MSI communities in 5 continents.​MSI is active, among others, in many universities in several states of the United States, providing students with yoga techniques to cope with stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression.Vedasara das is daily involved with Food4life which he started in Atlanta, New York and more recently in Mexico City.​With the help of hundreds of volunteers from all different backgrounds they distribute daily hundreds of meals to homeless people as well as clothing, sleeping bags and hygiene kits.​Discover more about MSI on: